support our mission

“Touch one million souls by 2020.”
Making mindfulness accessible to everyone is our No. 1 goal.
As a social enterprise, we operate on a tight budget, but with a big mission. Our team consists of psychologists, educators, social workers, engineers and volunteers, working extremely hard every day to make sure we achieve this goal.

We want to do more, hence, we need your help!

For corporates and philanthropists

If our mission is aligned with yours, we hope to leverage some of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or philanthropic funding to support our community work, e.g. workshops or app-based subscriptions for the underserved, events or campaigns to promote mental and emotional wellness in the community.

For individuals and volunteers

We are always looking for like-minded individuals to join our movement. There are 3 types of volunteerism: Service-Based, Skills-Based and Events-Based. In order to empower our volunteers and ensure the quality of our services, classroom training will be conducted for volunteer managers and volunteers.


contact us

Please reach out to us at hello@dearself.net to find out more.